FAQs & Links

Do you have vehicles for sale?

Sometimes we do have the odd vehicle available for sale. But, we are not generally in the business of selling vehicles. We mostly ship the cars for our clients that have purchased them already. We can recommend a few places to source cars and we do have contacts that can help with vehicle inspections in the US though

Do you have someone that could look at a vehicle for me to inspect before I buy?

Yes, we have a few contacts in California that can do pre-purchase inspections. They are trustworthy Kiwis, and they really know their cars and will provide a full evaluation for you. They can also help with the transaction and delivering the vehicle to our warehouse in LA

What kind of paperwork do I need to import a vehicle?

You will need, The Bill of Sale with the sellers full name and address, the Title for the vehicle, and a current passport or drivers licence

Do I need to insure my vehicle for the shipping?

Yes, marine insurance is now mandatory at a low cost of 1.5% of the vehicle price it's incredibly affordable. Insurance is a standard part of Trans America's processes so we'll help you through insurance too

What are my limits for shipping?

The only limits are the physical capacity of a container. The internal dimensions of a 40ft container are approximately 39.5ft long by 7.5ft high and 7.5ft wide. The weight limit for a 40ft container is approximately 40,000 pounds. You are not able to ship any combustible materials